Bordeless Digital Payments

With Paylivre’s APIs, growth has no limits.

Offer smart, fast and secure payments in Brazil

Settle anywhere on the planet

With Paylivre’s APIs you can integrate Brazilian payment methods into your company’s website and receive the funds via SWIFT overseas.

Integrate Local Payments Methods

Integrate local payment methods into your business in a simple, fast and customized way. Pix, “boleto” bank slip, direct debit from bank account, digital wallet or local bank transfer - it’s up to you.

Know our solution

Advantages of our Solutions

Client verification with IP Validation and an OCR Software that reads the document’s text and searches over 250 public and private databases.

With a smart integration, your customer will be direct straight to the payment without filling any forms, "no questions asked".

We have partnerships with banks such as Bradesco, Inter, BS2 and Banco do Brasil for wire transfers. And our PIX API allows for instant transfers to and from any bank or wallet in Brazil.

Instant Money

Smart Redirects

Single Integration

With Paylivre the integration is done through a single link, in a simple, customizable way. In two hours your integration is already up and running.

Anti-Fraud System

and online cashiers

Paylivre is integrated with payment aggregators and online cashiers, just waiting for you to sign in.

Guide your company to a new level.

Paylivre is an electronic payments service that allows users to send funds to international merchants.

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